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October 22
Whale of an App
Things Are Looking Great for the Ha-Ha
Ad: Volpar Parts & Service
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
October 22 2014 Lectronic
October 20
Farr 40 Worlds Wrap-Up
Kids Going Cruising
Ad: SkyMed
Last Minute Paperwork Advice
October 20 2014 Lectronic
October 17
Farr 40 Worlds Update
River Heritage Days
Ad: DryBunks from Seaworthy Goods
Weekend Racing Preview
Mexican Paperwork Wallows in Chaos
October 17 2014 Lectronic
October 15
Gonzalo Hammers St. Martin and St. Barth
Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: Awlgrip Awlwood
The Biblical Job Was a Sniveling Whiner
October 15 2014 Lectronic
October 13
Checking in From Out There
Farr 40 Worlds Preview
Ad: Volpar Parts & Service
Fast TIP Processing and Delivery
October 13 2014 Lectronic
October 10
Volvo Ocean Race Starts Tomorrow
Weekend Racing Round-Up
More Clarifications and Confusion About Mexico Paperwork
October 10 2014 Lectronic
October 8
Fleet Week Begins Today
Mexican Paperwork Questions
Ad: SkyMed
Cabo Welcomes First Post-Odile Cruise Ship
October  8 2014 Lectronic
October 6
Oddball Ocean Rescues
Beyond The World Series
Ad: KKMI Hiring Administrative Professional
Amsterdam Not So Open-Minded After All
October  6 2014 Lectronic
October 3
Another Hurricane Headed for Baja?
Weekend Racing Preview
Ad: DryBunks from Seaworthy Goods
The Multi-Use Magazine
October  3 2014 Lectronic
October 1
Read All About It
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Paperwork Review for Baja Ha-Ha
October  1 2014 Lectronic

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